Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saying goodbye sucks

My mom and dad threw a party so that everyone could come meet me and hang out with me. Which was cool, but I don't get why everyone was so sad saying goodbye at the end of the night. I was sad because I was really tired. Was everyone else really tired too? I had a good excuse...I met a lot of new people, got passed around a bunch even when I was STARVING and just wanted mom to feed me, went surfing (which was super cool Dad, when can we go for real?), and got to cuddle with Janet and Tara a bunch.

My mom woke up crying this morning, just like me. She says she's really going to miss everyone. I totally know what she means. The people at my party last night were really cool. Mom says our friends in Chicago are really cool, too...and of course there's lots of great family around. But I guess my mom didn't know how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to all her friends. She says she's made some of the best friends here that she's ever had in her life. I hope we get to stay friends with everyone, even though we're going to be farther away now.


Pamela said...


We were so happy that we made the trip to meet you! I was lucky enough to steal you away from Janet for a few minutes of baby snuggling. I don't get that very often anymore. Vincent & Christian had a great time at your party, but were not happy about leaving. Oy...what a trip home we had! If whining could be turned into energy, Vincent would make us so RICH!!! Anyway...we are sorry it took us so long to get to CT to visit you all, but we are so glad that we got there. We hope you all have a safe trip back to Chicago. And we will be checking your blog often for updates. It's been a pleasure knowing you all and we wish you every happiness!

Love, Pam, Marc, Vincent & Christian

Summer said...

I know your parents have a lot of good reasons for going back to Chicago, but we are so much cooler here on the east coast. Don't forget that.