Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's Have a Party!

We're coming back! We're coming back! We're coming back! Well...for a couple of days anyway. I know it's not ideal, since Mom and I don't get in until Wednesday night late, and we're leaving Saturday morning, early...but hopefully I'll get a chance to hang out with some of my east coast "aunts and uncles" while I'm there.

My mom and dad and I are flying out Wednesday, September 12th and get in real late at night. Hopefully someone will stay awake late enough to come get us from LaGuardia airport. Then we have lots of work to do on Thursday and Friday, packing up a U-haul truck, cleaning up the house, and saying goodbye to our neighborhood. My dad has to get on the road early Saturday so he can make it home with all our stuff in time to unload the truck and go back to work on Monday morning. Yuck!

So, it looks like really the only nights we can hang out are Thursday and Friday. If anyone wants to come help my mom and dad I'm sure they would appreciate it. Even if it's just to hold me for a while so they can work! I'm always up for a new face to smile at. And I love to smile!

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