Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is me having a bad day.

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? I mean, what is WITH people??? How come they can't seem to make up their minds about their relationships BEFORE they enter into real estate transactions??? When my mom told me we weren't going to be flying home with Daddy this evening, this is the look I gave her.

I was NOT happy with those dummyhead buyers for backing out of their promise to buy our house. My mom was real mad and then real sad. My dad just seemed...shocked. And probably pretty bummed too. Especially because we saw a really awesome apartment today that I would have liked to live in. It had hardwood floors upstairs and carpet downstairs for me to learn how to crawl on. And lots of space for all of us. Now we can't get it because our house isn't selling. And while I like Mimi & Poppi a lot, we really need our own space. It's hard to get into a good routine here.

I'm real sad that I won't get to see all my adopted aunts and uncles and cousins this weekend. I hope I get to see you all soon. Maybe come visit us here in Chicago. Although if we don't get our own space soon, you may have to stay with my Aunt Amy and Uncle Kevin. That's ok though--they have lots of space and are good cooks too.

Guess I'll have to write more now that I won't get to see you guys. Hey--you should write back! Go ahead and post something cool for me to remember one day.

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Aron said...


We had two great evenings with your Dad. We sent your dad home with lots of hugs for you and mom. We miss you and want you to come home soon.

Aron, Tara, and Mesa!