Sunday, October 7, 2007

Summer in October

Indian summer is a lot of fun...we went to the Kids 'n Kites Festival down at Montrose Beach this weekend, where we saw lots of pretty kites flying in the air. I would have pictures of it, but my mom forgot to charge the camera! So there's just this picture of my friend Sammy & her mommy, Rachel. We met Sammy, Charlie, and their parents for a picnic and to watch the kites. I can't wait until I'm old enough to fly a kite of my own!

I also like Indian Summer because I get to wear all the pretty sundresses that people bought mom didn't think I'd get big enough to wear them before it got cold...but she was wrong!

And...thanks to my Aunt Summer for this really cool outfit too...all the rest of my big girl clothes are way too hot to wear right now! It's 91 degrees out today...too bad we can't go to the beach and swim!