Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or treat!

My first Halloween was quite a success. Thanks to my Mimi (grandma) for badgering my mom and dad until they bought me a Halloween costume. How could I not dress up for my very first Halloween? I went trick or treating to my grandma and grandpa's house, my Noni's (great-grandma's), and to my Mimi's friend's house for chili...that's where I fell asleep. My bedtime is quite early these days...I'm usually in bed by 7:30! Mom and Dad kept me out a little too late, but it was worth it!!

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Pamela said...

Great costume, Ella!! I don't think we've seen such a cute little lobster!
By the way...stick with the early bedtime. It's good for you in all sorts of ways and even better for your parents!!