Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm almost ONE!

Aunt Summer wouldn't approve...but I tried on my hand-me down Crocs just in time for summer! At first I didn't know what to do with these weird things on my feet--I kept lifting my legs real high, first one and then the other--but once I got used to the way they felt I started cruising all over the place--from Mommy's leg across the length of the couch, and then over to the chairs. They look cute with my purple sweatpants, don't they?

I'm getting so big now, I really enjoy hanging out with other kids--even if they're bigger than me! Me and my cousins had a fun time playing tag at Richard's birthday party.

I missed my boat--my grandpa had it forever because he had to fix the rockers on it. One day when I was playing with my Poppi, we rocked the boat so hard that the front rocker split right in two! Oops! The last time I sat in my boat I still seemed a little small for it, but it's starting to fit me just right!


AB said...

To my bff,

I can not wait to meet you, my dad has been reading to me about all of your adventures so far. I can not wait for my first bike, boat ride, etc...


Pamela said...

Ella!! You are getting so big! And those eyes...AMAZING!! Vincent just got his first pair of Crocs. They are Spiderman and each one has a little Spidey on the front. He is loving them. And now Christian is trying them on, too. I guess I am going to have spend another $29.99 for a pair of shoes that MIGHT last a few months. Take good care of Mommy and Daddy!