Sunday, June 15, 2008

My first barefoot walk in the grass

My mom always says, "there's a first time for everything." Let's not forget all the first time (and old time) Dads out there. Happy Father's Day to my dad! And Hudson's dad, Lillian's dad, Vin & Christian's dad, Logan & Ava's dad, Charlie & Sammy's dad, Quincy & Sela's dad, as well as Baby Haase's dad-to-be, Baby Weber's dad-to-be, and Baby Denmark's I forgetting anyone? There sure are a lot of dads out there now.

I'm sure you all think your dad is the greatest dad on do I. So let's just agree that ALL our dads are the greatest dads...forgetting for one day that the word greatest is usually a comparison among things and therefore only one thing can actually BE the least, that's what my mom says. But she studies words and stuff. The rest of us can just be glad we have the greatest dads.


Pamela said...

Well said, Ella!! Happy Father's Day to your proud Papa!!

Vin & Christian

Matthew said...


I've done an extensive examination of your photo and I am sorry to report that you were wearing both shoes and socks for your "first barefoot walk in the grass". I know you are only one, but if I can't trust the integrity of your blog content I'm going to have to stop reading. Maybe you should spend a little less time playing with measuring cups and a little more time fact checking.

With love, uncle Matt