Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good news and bad news

First, the good news: I am a skater girl already! To heck with girls who lurk, I ride, son. Check out my funky style (or, possibly: gang signs).

Now, the bad news...

(Which is really sort of good news too). It looks like we're staying in Chicago for one more year. My mommy asked her school district to extend her leave, which she's really hoping they'll say yes to. She says she really wants to go back to teaching, but she's having too much fun working from home with me right now! Which means I really feel like this inside:

It's bad news because I won't get to hang out with Hudson and Lillian and Logan & Ava and all the new babies arriving later this summer and year. But it's great news because I get to hang out with my Mimi & Poppi and Grandma and Grandpa and my aunts and uncles and cousins. And my mom and dad said we're gonna go on vacation and hopefully get to spend some time on the NJ'll be my first "shore summer"! Plus I hope that lots of people will come visit us in Chicago this year...why not? My Aunt Amy is a GREAT tour guide and chef and she'll totally hook everyone up if they come. Plus the city can be a lot of fun...I've heard. My mom said I can go play in the sprinklers at Millenium Park next time it gets hot out!


Pamela said...

First of all Ella, Vincent and Christian and ESPECIALLY Marc are pretty jealous of the way you are working that skateboard! :)
Sorry you are not heading back this way yet. But think of all that special time with your family. They are really lucky! Love your posts!!


AB said...

Ella, what the f...., a kick flip at the age of one!! That must be a world record for the youngest kid to do that trick and I love that you are goofy footed.