Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daddy and I go get something for mommy

I'm liking this "summers off" thing with daddy. He's so spastic that we can't just sit and play in or around the place, we've got to go for long adventures in the bike. I don't really mind much, because they are always filled with lots of new faces and events.

Today we went to Mimi's and dropped off a skateboard deck, which daddy designed, for Michael, one of my babysitters. Then we took the bike trails up to Golf road and rode over to try and go shopping for a dining room table. Well, the jerks moved the store, so we decided just to get mommy a little present.
We rode over to the big mall and daddy parked our bike right outside the doors at Nordstrom, locked them up, gave me some water. People couldn't stop staring at me.... like they've never seen such a cute sweaty little girl.

Well, Daddy hates the mall, so we were only there long enough to get mommy her gift. We packed up and rode back home. It was such an adventure that I fell asleep somewhere on mile 7, but that's ok... I saw that part of the trip already!

We hope mommy likes her gift!

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Pamela said...

I don't believe I've ever seen such a cute, sweaty girl! Hope you guys had fun and I hope Mommy likes her present!