Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm a little howler monkey

So on the hottest day of the year, my daddy decided that we needed a field trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I think he's trying to get in the things that he wanted to do with me before we move back to Connecticut. I was happy enough that we weren't just going to play inside.

We drove down because we didn't have time for the train and the bike, though that would have been a lot more fun I think. I like it when the cars zoom by and honk. Daddy shows them that we are number 1 with one of his fingers and we keep on going. I love the bike!

We parked a few blocks away and I got to ride Daddy's shoulders all around. Wow, I hope I'm that tall...

So when we got there, we went straight to the Seals. Daddy said they are friendly little things, but they seem to be HUGE! They swim very gracefully, almost as much as I do... I really wanted to go swimming with them but Daddy said no.
We went to see the Lion House and it was cool! Some of them look a lot like Oscar, but some have these crazy spots that look more like my sleep sack, although none are neon pink. Too bad.

The Monkey house was my favorite. I saw monkeys "der" "der" and "der"... everywhere I looked! "DER!" Daddy said that I'll meet some howler monkeys in February. I can't wait. Daddy keeps talking about surfing and something like Osta Ica, but I dunno. He's silly.
This guy wouldn't share his lettuce, so I wouldn't share my Cheerios.

I bought this cool monkey with the credit card my daddy gave me. Wanna buy it? 100 doll hairs.
After the zoo we picked up mommy and went to visit our friends Nick and Simone. They are leaving Chicago in a few months, too. They are always fun to visit because Simone has lots of cool stuff to play with and Nick makes funny music and funnier faces. We got some pizza that was really good. I liked the waiter, though. We had the same new wave haircut.

I was absolutely exhausted. Between this tooth coming in and all the excitement of the day, I needed to go to BED! I passed out and don't remember the ride home...


Karin said...

Dang, in that last picture you can really see her Daddy in the eyes!!!


The Back's said...

Wow Ella, the zoo looks like lots of fun! We'll have to check out the zoo in CT when you get back! And I can show you the Aquarium, they have seals too!

- Lillian