Sunday, August 24, 2008

A week at the beach

So I got to spend most of my last week of vacation at the beach with Mom & Dad before they go back to work. The ride down was a little boring; luckily, Mom snagged a copy of US Weekly from Deirdre for us to read in the car.

We stayed at our friends' John & Bridget's house. They're having a new baby soon, and I can't wait for another friend to play with! (Although their dog, Scout, was a pretty awesome fun playmate. Who needs toys when you have "oscars" to chase?)

I did a fair amount of seagull chasing at the beach...

...but I also made a new friend who was exactly the same age as me (only 3 days older!) Playing with Hudson was a lot of fun, but he doesn't really do much yet. In a couple more months he'll be able to keep up with me, I'm sure!

I hope we get to spend more time at the beach soon. Sand and waves and friends are tons of fun!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie!!!

Auntie Suz-Su!!! Happy Birthday! I made an e-card for you!

I hope you like it! Mommy and Daddy say happy birthday to you too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

N'East Weather, Dinosaurs and Fishy Dishy


We've had some storms roll through every so often. Daddy brings me outside in the front yard to play in the clean wet grass. He said Oscar's grass in the back yard isn't as clean. I love the rain. I'll hold my hand out and catch the drops as they fall...

Daddy should know better than to bring the camera out in the rain, but I'd hate for him to miss a great shot of me in yellow...
Funny, but the rain let up just after and we ended up going to Stamford to play in the park, walk, and let Daddy and Aron skate the big skatepark. I got to play on the purple dinosaur who is so much gnarlier than that Barney wuss...

Although the first time I touched him I got a little scared...

And speaking of Barneys, we didn't take any photos of Daddy skateboarding. He needs to learn some tricks. He just goes really fast around the pool thing and makes noises with his board. Um, Daddy, catch some air already.We went out for sushi right afterwards and we don't have photos but I stole a spicy yellowtail roll of the huge sushi boat they had. HAHAHHAHA. I loved it and ate the whole thing.

The next day, Aron, Tara and my new friend Lillian all came over for the first big Taco Tuesday out here. Everyone was happy because they were able to get new, fresh Lizano from daddy's favorite hispanico mercado. Ha, I know more spanish than daddy. Anyways, they let me eat some fish while I played with Lillian, who was bouncing around in my exersaucer. Good times for all...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Big Couple Days!

The last couple days have been really fun, so fun that Daddy realized we barely took any photos! Thankfully he got a couple good ones...

Grandma and Grandpa cut their trip to Maine short in order to come and see us at our new place. It was really nice to see them
They brought down these things with all kinds of legs and spiney things they called "wobsters" or something. They were a little scary to touch at first, but I got used to them.
Then the NEXT day I got to meet someone I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time with, Lillian Back. We are two of the cutest around!
They even let me hold her!
I was really tired because Mommy keeps bringing me couch shopping, so after playing in Lillian's car seat, I went to bed...

Now I have to go because Mommy wants to go look at some more couches. I get to meet more people tonight!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Shoes to Fill

Now that I have a hang of this whole walking thing... well, mostly... I figured that it was time to try out mom and dad's...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

Last Wednesday my dad got us a real big truck to put all our stuff in and haul it (and the car behind it) all the way to CT. He says Budget is not much of a "budget" but Uhaul sucks and he's never using them again. I told him I could drive if he wanted me too, but he would only let me pretend for a little while.

It took a little longer for my dad to get to our new house, because the truck broke down in Indiana after he'd only been on the road for about 45 minutes. He had to stay overnight in Hammond, IN while they tried to find a new truck for him to drive. They had to unload all our stuff off the one truck and put it on the new truck, which took a long time. But he was well rested after his stay overnight in a hotel, so he drove straight through and got to our new house on Friday morning. Here is a virtual tour of our house as you walk in the front door:

Living Room

Kitchen (walk thru the hall to the left).

Back porch off the kitchen (the glass windows can be switched to screens for summer!)

Backyard (it's all fenced in so Oscar and I can't run away!)

I get my own private bathtub in the full bath downstairs, next to the kitchen.

The dining room (it could also have been a big bedroom).

The guest room/office (come visit...the bed's super comfy--I tested it myself!)

My room, looking to the right from the doorway.

My room, looking left from the doorway.

Mom & Dad's room, from my doorway (we're nice and close upstairs).

The other side of Mom & Dad's room, and the full bath with shower.

The house is super cute and I like it a lot. Mom & Dad have been busy unpacking since we got here...I forgot I had so many awesome toys, thanks to all my friends and family in Chicago! Opening the boxes was like getting a ton of gifts all over again. I hope everyone can come visit us in our new house...see you soon!