Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Big Couple Days!

The last couple days have been really fun, so fun that Daddy realized we barely took any photos! Thankfully he got a couple good ones...

Grandma and Grandpa cut their trip to Maine short in order to come and see us at our new place. It was really nice to see them
They brought down these things with all kinds of legs and spiney things they called "wobsters" or something. They were a little scary to touch at first, but I got used to them.
Then the NEXT day I got to meet someone I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time with, Lillian Back. We are two of the cutest around!
They even let me hold her!
I was really tired because Mommy keeps bringing me couch shopping, so after playing in Lillian's car seat, I went to bed...

Now I have to go because Mommy wants to go look at some more couches. I get to meet more people tonight!!!

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Anonymous said...

We loved seeing you and Mommy and Daddy when we came to your new house in Connecticut! Sorry the lobsters scared you. We like your cool room with the special toys to play with. We wish you many happy hours there. xoxoxoxoxo
Grandpa & Grandma v