Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

Last Wednesday my dad got us a real big truck to put all our stuff in and haul it (and the car behind it) all the way to CT. He says Budget is not much of a "budget" but Uhaul sucks and he's never using them again. I told him I could drive if he wanted me too, but he would only let me pretend for a little while.

It took a little longer for my dad to get to our new house, because the truck broke down in Indiana after he'd only been on the road for about 45 minutes. He had to stay overnight in Hammond, IN while they tried to find a new truck for him to drive. They had to unload all our stuff off the one truck and put it on the new truck, which took a long time. But he was well rested after his stay overnight in a hotel, so he drove straight through and got to our new house on Friday morning. Here is a virtual tour of our house as you walk in the front door:

Living Room

Kitchen (walk thru the hall to the left).

Back porch off the kitchen (the glass windows can be switched to screens for summer!)

Backyard (it's all fenced in so Oscar and I can't run away!)

I get my own private bathtub in the full bath downstairs, next to the kitchen.

The dining room (it could also have been a big bedroom).

The guest room/office (come visit...the bed's super comfy--I tested it myself!)

My room, looking to the right from the doorway.

My room, looking left from the doorway.

Mom & Dad's room, from my doorway (we're nice and close upstairs).

The other side of Mom & Dad's room, and the full bath with shower.

The house is super cute and I like it a lot. Mom & Dad have been busy unpacking since we got here...I forgot I had so many awesome toys, thanks to all my friends and family in Chicago! Opening the boxes was like getting a ton of gifts all over again. I hope everyone can come visit us in our new house...see you soon!

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