Sunday, August 24, 2008

A week at the beach

So I got to spend most of my last week of vacation at the beach with Mom & Dad before they go back to work. The ride down was a little boring; luckily, Mom snagged a copy of US Weekly from Deirdre for us to read in the car.

We stayed at our friends' John & Bridget's house. They're having a new baby soon, and I can't wait for another friend to play with! (Although their dog, Scout, was a pretty awesome fun playmate. Who needs toys when you have "oscars" to chase?)

I did a fair amount of seagull chasing at the beach...

...but I also made a new friend who was exactly the same age as me (only 3 days older!) Playing with Hudson was a lot of fun, but he doesn't really do much yet. In a couple more months he'll be able to keep up with me, I'm sure!

I hope we get to spend more time at the beach soon. Sand and waves and friends are tons of fun!


Anonymous said...

The photos are darling! But we are having trouble getting these to post.
M&D vW

Anonymous said...

How NEAT, Ella! You played on the beach. Your Dad would have been a great Beach Buddy had you been here when he was your age. Wasn't it cool?
We love you!
G & G vW

Nikki said...

I'm on the chessapeake bay and hanna just gave us a little wind and rain so I'm glad it's over lol.