Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daddy's Birthday Weekend

This weekend my dad's friends Joe & Shelly came over with Hudson. He tried eating Cheerios, which he didn't seem to like too much yet. My dad got to go surfing and skating with Joe while Mommy and Shelly hung out with me & Hudson.

On Sunday, Deirdre & Jeff hosted a party for Dad. A lot of our friends came. I helped put the empty bottles away. I'm starting to be a real big help around the house!

Even though the party was over by 6 pm, Monday morning came too fast for all of us! It was a morning worthy of a pirate shirt (Daddy didn't take a picture of the back so you don't get the full effect...)


Pamela said...

Sorry we missed the fun, Ella! Hope your dad had a great birthday party. By the way, the pirate shirt is great, and I believe that "International Talk like a Pirate Day" was just a few days ago! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ella,
You must have had a great time with Hudson, teaching him how to eat Cheerios! You certainly are a good helper! We love you!
Grandpa 7 Grandma v

Anonymous said...

Hi Ella,

When do you suppose everyone will figure out that you can't read yet?

Auntie Diana