Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Tent of My Own

Thanks to Mimi & Poppi, I now have a tent of my very own! So far my favorite baby doll has slept in it more than me, but I like playing in it a lot.

I also got to go swimming at our friends' Karen & Steve's today...I know it's hard to tell, but I can back up and get into the pool all by myself. It's the same as when I go down stairs, only way more fun! Karen and Steve have a giant spider raft for the pool that was really fun to play on.

The water was pretty cold, but still warmer than the ocean was last weekend! I didn't mind a bit.


Anonymous said...

You are getting cuter and cuter! I can really see you changing since you moved out east. You sure like the water, don't you! And I think you feel pretty safe in Daddy's arms!
Grandpa vW

Anonymous said...

Ella, I love your new tent! Will you take it with you when you camp with Mom and Dad? Or is it just a play tent? You looked brave on that scarry spider! I like your new babysitter. It's okay to sit in the high chair every now and then when you are with Chrissy. She'll give you good food to eat!
I love you! Grandma v