Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna

Hi all, I'm reporting from Bradley Beach on Tropical Storm Hanna. I've had a couple of busy weeks what with Mom & Dad going back to work and me off to daycare to meet new kids my age and hang out with Chrissy, my babysitter. More on that later this week--first I have to tell you that Tropical Storm Hanna brought some really fun weather to the east coast this weekend!

My dad and I headed down to the beach to see what the storm was doing to the surf. It was way too windy to go in the water, but by Sunday there were some really big waves for my Dad & his friend John to ride.

John let me practice my "hang ten" on his surfboard, but he said I had to wait until next year to actually try it in the water.

No matter, I had fun playing in the shore break. The water's really warm this time of year, and the sand was perfect for bare feet!


Bachelor Paul said...
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Anonymous said...

You sure looked like you were having a fun time with Hanna. Grandma was also at the beach on Saturday when the storm came by! Wasn't it fun? Grandma loves your stories! And she loves you!!!
Grandma v

The Back's said...

I love the last pic! The little footprints to the water are priceless!