Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ten Days in the Life of a 17 Month Old

So I am going to backtrack a little...

Sunday was spent in the colllld! but we went for a carriage ride in Westport after Mom's yoga. The carriage ride was free, mom's yoga was free, but we had to pay for the hot cocoa... which was ok, since it was my first try... and it had FLUFF in it. Best ever!

Mommy's friend Summer helped Mommy with a whole new wardrobe. It looks amazing,and I can spot MOMMA from far away now!I took this photo, by the way.

We had some amazing pizza that mommy and daddy made the other night... fresh mozz and chicky and brocccccccolee. I taught Mommy and Daddy to eat with their hands!

Mommy's new gear is great, but these are really 'me', don't you think?

I have them on right, right?

The week before we were in the near Catskills with Dan and Libby. here are some pics of me being cute with them...

Daddy carried me around a lot. It's kinda annoying. Got legs now, thanks!

Lot's of pretty stuff!

I also have to publicly thank Mimi for the Christmas package! I will post photos with my Christmas update, coming soon... we just need to straighten this tree...

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Pamela said...

Looks like fun, Ella! Please tell your mother that I am absolutely envious of her yellow pea coat! JEALOUS! :o)