Monday, March 2, 2009

New York Pizza: The best in North America

We had quite a morning. We went to Mollusk Surf shop where daddy talked to a friend and bought me a tshirt, bought mom a tshirt and himself a movie.

He also found a lot of expensive artwork from Maya Hayuk on the street. He luckily had connections to her through a friend Michael DeFeo at work, so he go them back to the owner.

That was cool and everything, but I found a park that I wanted to play in, so we spent almost an hour on the slides! It was so fun!


I'm pretty. Sorry, just am. Thanks for the hand mom!

We went to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn... and until we ate there we thought that the best pizza around was the New Haven style... well... sorry. Grimaldi's blew it away!!!

We had to wait in line, but I had raisins. Everyone else in line was jealous. I had fun wiggling with mom and daddy!The crust. The fresh mozz. The crushed tomatoes. OMG.
You can't have any! Hands off!!!!

Even the white was good! I'm talking about daddy! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Pizza is good for the soul and it's made of good stuff for the body, too.
Looks like you had a great time. We are waiting to see you in April!
Grandma & Grandpa v

Summer said...

we have a grimaldi's in hoboken too! tell your parents you wanna come visit summer and uncle rich. we'll hook you up.