Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Week From the City of Angels

Well, a week after returning from the City of Angels, I'm no longer wondering why they call it as such--especially since I was a little angel most of the time...

Daddy's friend John, his great girl Kara, and doggie friend Olly invited us to stay with them in Redondo Beach. They saved us when the rental car place closed even though daddy kept calling and saying that we'd only be a few minutes late. It took a lot of effort for daddy to not put a rock through the window of the place... but John and Kara really saved our butts!

We all loved their house, even the avocado tree that threw an avocado at me one day. Daddy said it was a gift, and we made some doubly home-made guacamole. John didn't eat it. I think it was too green.

John and Daddy surfed together a few times. Daddy's such a kook, he rented a couple different boards, but always the wrong one for the day. Some day he'll be dialed in... ha! The water was cold, and some of the days were rainy and cold, but I loved the beach, as ALWAYS! Maybe some day we will be able to go to see the waves all the time.

A highlight of the trip was hanging out in La Quinta with Mimi and Noni, who were at their home away from home. Even Poppi came out to visit! What a treat!!! We went for boat rides and walks. What beautiful weather! What fun!

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Anonymous said...

Ella, what fun you must have had! An avacado? Isn't it good? You all looked very happy together in the picture with Mimi, Poppi and Nonni. We are anxious to see you real soon.
We love you!
Grandma & Grandpa