Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Great "Summer" Weekend in the Spring

Two weekends ago when the weather first turned around, we went on two great adventures: to NYC and to the Gunks. Victor & Paula were spending the weekend in NYC, so we made all the obligatory rounds: Joe's Pizza in Greenwich Village...
...the Union Square outdoor street fairs...
...and finished at Jeollado for some yummy sushi! (The place where both Vic and I had our first bites of sushi--a long, long time ago).
No, Daddy...MY Sapporo!
On Sunday, I got to take my first climbing trip with all of Mommy & Daddy's friends. Shelly & Joe brought Hudson and we got to run all over the Carriage Road all day. It was great--I even did my first boulder problem. Daddy's an awesome spot.
It was so much fun to spend time with my "aunties" Janet and Summer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break

Over Mommy's spring break, she and I went to Chicago to visit everyone and to throw Auntie Su-su a bridal shower. I got to spend lots of time with Mimi and Poppi, G-pa and G-ma, Noni, my aunts, and Kevin and Amy.

Aunt Amy and Mommy took me to Brookfield Zoo to see the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit. Dinosaurs are cool. They go "Rooooaaaaaar!" I make a good dinosaur.I got to try on the flower girl dress I'm wearing for Aunt Su-su's wedding. I look pretty in dresses!
Oh, and the coolest thing I learned while I was in Chicago: jajic really DOES grow on trees!!!
I was so busy playing with everyone while I was home that I didn't get to take pictures of everyone--especially G-pa and G-ma! They'll send me some soon, though. G-ma gave me some of her jewelry to wear, and G-pa and I played peek-a-bo with the cuckoo clock. Shh!!! Cuckoo sleeping now.

My First Modeling Job

Sorry for the hiatus, all--but I have been a busy girl! Last month, I got my first modeling gig. I sat for Uncle Matt's Aunt Janice, who wanted to sculpt my head. I told her I wasn't sure I wanted my head encased in clay, but my mom & dad seemed to think it would be ok.
I gave Janice my approval--I thought the clay was a pretty good likeness! She told my mom she put some finishing touches on it after we left, but I haven't seen the final product yet. Can't wait to see how I've been immortalized!