Friday, May 29, 2009

Off to Prom!

Tonight is prom at my daddy's school. Daddy wanted to bring me as his date, so I got a brand new dress and shoes just for the occasion!
I was really looking forward to dancing, but it was sort of close to my bedtime and I was feeling the need for some comfort food. So, I didn't want to give up my Cheerios for the pictures.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A New House and a New Friend!

This is going to be our new house soon! Ain't it cute? A porch!

A big, big backyard to play in!
And a river!
A big six burner pro stove for daddy & mommy to make great meals and set off the fire alarm!
1/2 of my indoor race track.
Daddy keeps calling this the "mini ramp room"... then mommy yells at him. Dunno why!
This is going to be my room! No pink daddy, no pink.
This is the room I'll come screaming and crying into...
This will be daddy's studio. And sauna!
Our living room! That fireplace does't work! Funny, daddy!
Then we met up with some old friends...
And a new one!!! Welcome to Fairfield, Jillian!!!
Poppa Jeff with the happiest baby on the block!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a l'il trim before the "real haircut"

Yeah, yeah, I and Daddy both needed haircuts real bad. Now that the weather's getting warm and the windows are always down on the car, my hair kept getting in my eyes and mouth. Daddy's, too. That's why we both got haircuts this week!
Pretty cute, huh?
Another new skill: Mommy and Daddy let me practice taking pictures with the camera! Here's my very first self-portrait:
Don't you just love my composition? Daddy's already taught me the rule of three--or was it four? Um, um...two...nine!
This is my red car. Stay tuned--maybe if I practice enough now, then when I get my own camera for my birthday I can use it to take photos of Auntie Su-su's and Garrett's wedding!

Monday, May 18, 2009

1+1=um, 1?

This past weekend, my friends Ava and Lillian both celebrated their 1st birthdays, and I helped them eat cake!
I also went on my very first merry-go-round ride with Christian and Hudson: one older guy and one younger guy. Works for me!
No offense to Christian, cuz he's a pretty cute dude...but I still have my heart set on Hudson.
That wasn't the only fun I had this past weekend: I also hung out with Dede and Roxy and Jeff. Dede's got all kinds of fun toys for her baby-to-be that I "test drove" for her!
"Uncle" Dan also came to visit us. I helped him floss his teeth. Teeth are very important.
My favorite part of staying home on a Saturday morning is playing "dress up."
Don't I look "cuuuuuttte"??

Saturday, May 9, 2009

(Pre)Mothers' Day

Daddy played along with my idea to go for a "Bike Ride!" on Saturday through the Northern part of Norwalk, the Silvermine District. We only rode 15 miles, but most importantly, we got to stop and I got a bagel AND chicken.

Then we got back on the bikes and had a "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"-ly fun fast ride home. Even with all the chicken curry that daddy ate.
Mommy kept stopping to take photos of the pretty scenery... it was foggy and overcast, but with the fenders we all stayed dry. Phew!
"Pweety wawa!"

"I'm thirsty, and I wanna nap!"