Monday, May 18, 2009

1+1=um, 1?

This past weekend, my friends Ava and Lillian both celebrated their 1st birthdays, and I helped them eat cake!
I also went on my very first merry-go-round ride with Christian and Hudson: one older guy and one younger guy. Works for me!
No offense to Christian, cuz he's a pretty cute dude...but I still have my heart set on Hudson.
That wasn't the only fun I had this past weekend: I also hung out with Dede and Roxy and Jeff. Dede's got all kinds of fun toys for her baby-to-be that I "test drove" for her!
"Uncle" Dan also came to visit us. I helped him floss his teeth. Teeth are very important.
My favorite part of staying home on a Saturday morning is playing "dress up."
Don't I look "cuuuuuttte"??


Jen von Wahlde said...

By the way, I want everyone to know I had NO part in putting any of the awesome accessories on Ella. She did it all herself: "No ELLA do it!"

Anonymous said...

Hello Dolly!!! What a cutie you are, Ella! We send hugs & kisses.
Hudson is a cool dude! Can't wait to see you next month! We Love you! G-ma & G-pa