Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a l'il trim before the "real haircut"

Yeah, yeah, I and Daddy both needed haircuts real bad. Now that the weather's getting warm and the windows are always down on the car, my hair kept getting in my eyes and mouth. Daddy's, too. That's why we both got haircuts this week!
Pretty cute, huh?
Another new skill: Mommy and Daddy let me practice taking pictures with the camera! Here's my very first self-portrait:
Don't you just love my composition? Daddy's already taught me the rule of three--or was it four? Um, um...two...nine!
This is my red car. Stay tuned--maybe if I practice enough now, then when I get my own camera for my birthday I can use it to take photos of Auntie Su-su's and Garrett's wedding!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ella!

You and Daddy look BOOTIFUL!!! With a little more practice you will be a great paparazzi! We love you! Hugs, G-ma and G-pa

Diana said...

I will say it this child ever NOT eating?

Thumbs up on the haircuts!!