Saturday, May 23, 2009

A New House and a New Friend!

This is going to be our new house soon! Ain't it cute? A porch!

A big, big backyard to play in!
And a river!
A big six burner pro stove for daddy & mommy to make great meals and set off the fire alarm!
1/2 of my indoor race track.
Daddy keeps calling this the "mini ramp room"... then mommy yells at him. Dunno why!
This is going to be my room! No pink daddy, no pink.
This is the room I'll come screaming and crying into...
This will be daddy's studio. And sauna!
Our living room! That fireplace does't work! Funny, daddy!
Then we met up with some old friends...
And a new one!!! Welcome to Fairfield, Jillian!!!
Poppa Jeff with the happiest baby on the block!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ella! We love your new house and can't wait to visit you in it!!! When can we come and see you there? Love you! G-ma & G-pa

Pamela said...


whatwouldsummerwear said...

I'm so psyched for your new house!!! I can't wait to see it first hand and meet the new baby Jillian. She is so beautiful!!! Please pass my congratulations on to Jeff and Deirdre.

Ann said...

Congrats on the new house! It looks great!