Friday, May 29, 2009

Off to Prom!

Tonight is prom at my daddy's school. Daddy wanted to bring me as his date, so I got a brand new dress and shoes just for the occasion!
I was really looking forward to dancing, but it was sort of close to my bedtime and I was feeling the need for some comfort food. So, I didn't want to give up my Cheerios for the pictures.


The Back's said...

Daddy must have had the cutest date at the prom! I think the Snack Trap makes an excellent accessory :)

Pamela said...

So cool! I hope you had a fantastic time, Ella! Love the pink dress!

Anonymous said...

Ella Bella,
You are quite the young lady! Mimi and Poppi can't believe how grown up you look. I bet all the other girls at the prom were very jealous.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ella, You are soooo beautiful! Daddy must have been so proud of you introducing you to everyone at the prom. You bring smiles to our faces! We are looking forward to seeing you in your flower girl gown at Auntie Su-Su's wedding. We love you and send lots of hugs and kisses!
G-ma & G-pa