Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's pretty cool being a celebrity and everything. I mean, some kids and their parents actually have to go out and BUY clothing and stuff. I just seem to get new stuff just handed to me in boxes.

I even get to unwrap it! Seriously, I must be doing something right.

Are you SERIOUS! SICK! I mean, really, these shoes are something special. Musta been custom ordered for me.

Look at the way the sun just rolllllllls off of them. You just can't stand it!

I know I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ari and Stacey, my new personal shoe stylists. Don't worry, I won't forget you when I get famous.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Balloooooooooons! There must be a party coming! Is it for ME?!?!?!

I dunno, but I love the ballooooons. Daddy said we can do this all the time. Mommy agreed. Pretty!

All kinds of people came! Lauren came from Wilton, which was such a nice surprise. We've known each other since we were both inside babies.

And HUDSON CAME!!!! He was with, um, Joe and, Um, Shelly too! What a long drive! Thanks guys.

Rose came over, too. It's nice to have someone older who can show me the ropes on the bicycle and tricycle.

Thanks so much GMa and GPa! I love this new trike! I'm already practicing my Paris-Roubaix face... The Heck of New England!
Look! No hands!
Mommy, I can DO it!
Happy Cake!
We all decided to have some together... and then daddy suggested we all share it the fun kids way.... so everyone STAND BACK!