Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer in the (Really) Windy City (Part 2)

So, everyone knows how much I love swimming and playing in the water. So, I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments in (and out of) the water!
My aunts Suzie and Diana took me to the local water park, Mystic Waters, for a few hours of fun in the sun...well at least, there was sun before we got there!
A few days later, Auntie Suzie called from Wilmette beach to say the weather was perfect for a day of sun and sand, so Mimi, Mommy, and I hopped in the car and headed on over.
Despite the cool, cloudy weather, I also got to swim in my Uncle Rick's pool (since he keeps it at 89 degrees), with my cousins Richard and Charlie. They let me jump in over and over and over again and didn't get tired of zipping me around the pool.
I also spent some time out of the water, at my mom's favorite childhood amusement park, Kiddieland! It's really sad I won't be able to go back ever again, since the family that owns the place is fighting and wants to sell the land to Costco. I mean, I like Costco a lot, especially those super big grocery carts I get to ride in, but Kiddieland is waaaay cooler.I cried when the merry-go-round was over because I thought it was so much fun, but then mommy and Amy showed me all the other cool rides I could go on.
The racing cars and all the other car rides were awesome, cuz I got to drive all by myself!
Well, I had to share the driving with Dylan and Declan, Amy's nephew and niece. But they were cool about it.

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Ann Boyd said...

I'm glad you've been having fun back here in Chi-town! We keep trying to find time to get over to Kiddieland before it closes -- it just breaks my heart!