Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Some Summer Stuff In

We did such a good job moving into our new house that we found some time to go to the beach, Beardsley Zoo, The Stamford Museum & Nature Center, and more beach! It was perfect timing, since it got really hot the week we moved. We spend a day at Long Beach in NY...
...and spent a few days with John & Bridget in Bradley Beach. I didn't want to leave!Lillian and I jumped on the bouncy spider at the Nature Center...they had the best playground I've ever been to, with a three story slide!
Mommy & Daddy tried to get me to sit for a family photo...I just wanted to run and play!
I did a really good job driving the tractor...maybe I'll be a farmer when I grow up!
Mommy & Daddy say there's a beach real close to our house now, too. Hopefully we'll get to spend lots of time there even after they go back to work...there's always weekends!

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Anonymous said...

Ella, we really liked your new house and all of its rooms for you to play in with your toys, your dolls and stuffed animals. Your books are fun to read, and we still remember some of the stories, especially "Chicken Soup with Rice"! Your vacation at the Jersey shore looked great.
We loved seeing you and Mommy and Daddy. Aren't ice cream cones fun? We love you,
Grandma and Grandpa