Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Forever Home (I hope!)

Sorry it has taken so long to update my blog, but I have been busy helping Mommy and Daddy with moving into our new house! So far, I have lived in a lot of different houses. Sometimes it gets confusing--I thought our new house was Bob's (the realtor's) house for a while; I also thought Ella's house was far away and I was sort of sad and wanted to go home. But after I saw Ella's house all empty it finally sunk in that Bob's house was now OUR house!So, everyone probably already saw the outside of the house when we posted about finding it and making the offer. This is a picture of the front entry; Daddy is so exhausted from all the hard work painting it and unpacking things that he had to take a little nap on our new rug.
This is the first view of the living room when you walk in the front door and look to your right. Behind me is "Daddy's couch"--it's the couch for reading and other stuff--NOT watching TV! Mommy says maybe I should spend more time on this couch than the other one. I told her "it's summer, Mom! Back off!" That made Mommy mad; I think it's funny when Mommy gets mad.
If you walk into the living room and turn left, you get this view of the rest of the living room and the dining room. Our old kitchen table and chairs look kinda silly in the dining room, but the sellers forgot that we wanted to buy their dining room table and chairs, so we have to make do for a while.
You can get to the kitchen from both the dining room and the front hall. It makes for great games of "I'm gonna get you!" but you have to watch where you're going so you don't bump your head on the doorways or tables as you run past them. Owie!This is a view of the kitchen sink and stuff, from the basement door (it's unfinished now; I'll post pics once Daddy builds my dance studio and climbing wall). As you can tell, the kitchen is really nice, but sort of small, especially with our big dishwasher. At least it's easy to move around the kitchen! Until we can build an island with a dishwasher in it, we're still using the butcher block that Mimi thought was a silly crazy idea to move out to Mommy's first apartment, in New York City. She thought it was way too heavy to carry up four flights of stairs! (Mommy said Mimi was right about that, but Mommy's glad she's had it all these years and still feels happy knowing she's got one of Mimi's old favorite pieces).
Now let's head upstairs to see the bedrooms!
The guest room is the first room at the top of the stairs. It's a little small for a queen-sized bed, but everybody knows two adults can't fit on a full bed. It's ok though, because guest rooms don't really need dressers or any other furniture.
This is Mommy and Daddy's room. It's really big, because it used to be two bedrooms that the old owners converted into one. They did a really nice job on it: they did a really nice job on everything in the house. Mommy has been running around the house all week going "oh cool! look at this!"
Another view of Mommy and Daddy's room. For now, they are probably going to put a desk under that far window, since the office can't go in the attic until the floor has been redone and it is insulated and drywalled. The attic is pretty cool though; hopefully we'll have some pics of it refinished soon!
This is Mommy and Daddy's closet. It's 8' x 10', which Mommy says is really good since she has to share with Daddy. But, the doors are only 5' wide, which means it's really hard to get to the last two feet of clothes on either side. Mommy said that won't do at all; Daddy has to reframe the doors to at least 7'. When he does that, they're gonna put in a really cool organizer for all their stuff.
Now we're going down the hall to the bathroom. Mommy & Daddy's doorway is near right; mine is far left. The bathroom is right next to my room, but the walls are so thick that you can't hear a thing when my door is shut. It's great! I've slept in until 7:30 or 8 am the last two days! (I've also been up really late having fun with all our friends who have been coming by to see the house).
This is the view of the bathroom from the door. It's really cozy, but very nice.
View from the tub. We're shopping for a new vanity and sink right now; something that won't seem as big in the room or take up as much space.
And last, but not least--my room! Mommy convinced Daddy to paint it two different shades of purple so it would look like a sunset. I love it! This is the view from the doorway.
This is the view from the closet, which Daddy painted with chalkboard paint. How many kids get to draw with chalk in their very own bedrooms?? I'm really excited to be finally "home"--I hope we don't have to move again for a very, very, very long time. Not just because it's a lot of work, but because I really love our new house and already feel like it's a "forever home."


Pamela said...

Love the new place, Ella! Your parents did a great job with your room, too. So pretty. We look forward to seeing it in person and plying you all with cookies when we come! Take care and we hope to see you guys soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us your new house, Ella. We love it and are looking forward to you giving us a tour when we come to see you next week. We can't wait to see your bedroom and cool closet! Your Mommy and Daddy will make it a wonderful, warm and welcoming home! See you soon. Love, Grandma and Grandpa P.S. The cuckoo misses you! :)

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful new house. Mimi and Poppi can't wait to come visit you and Mommy and Daddy. Your room looks very cool--I'll bet you feel right at home in your new house.


Mimi and Poppi