Friday, September 25, 2009

Old MacDonald Had a Farm...

...and on his farm he had a frog...
EIEIO! Last weekend, we went to Lake City, Minnesota for Mike & Jill's wedding.
Daddy was the official wedding photographer, and he took lots of great pictures of everyone having a really fun time.
I had a blast! I danced...
...and danced...
...and danced some more!
I also spent some time on the dance floor skateboarding.
I danced with everyone at the wedding, except Mommy. I didn't want her to embarrass me on the dance floor, so I made her stand on the sidelines and watch, until I danced so much I got very tired and really wanted to go back to the hotel. Mommy put me in the backpack and then danced some more. I told you she was going to embarrass me!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New House, New Baby

Well, fur baby that is! As a consolation prize for having to go back to work (and daycare), we got a new doggie the night before school started!
Her name is Nikki, and she's about three years old, which is perfect because it means she's old enough to let me rough-house with her, and she knows better than to rough-house back.
She's my new "weeeeelllly BIG doggie" and she can be as tall as Daddy when she wants to be.
But when we're just hanging out, she really likes to curl up into a corner and relax...sometimes you forget she's even there!