Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Less-Than Happy Thanksgiving

Mommy jinxed us when she told Grandpa how we've all been so healthy for the last month or more...and I woke up last night with a high fever that has been slowly getting better all day today, although the doctor said I should probably take some antibiotics for my runny nose and fever.
Before I got sick, I have been taking full advantage of the 60-degree days by going for bike rides, long walks with Nicky, and playing in the park.
I'm ready for winter though, now that I have my new hat from Grandma. She sent my cute elves and hat for St. Nick's Day...I couldn't wait until then, though...and opened everything right away!
I kind of look a little like an elf myself! Maybe Santa will let me help with the presents this year.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, Ella! We're so sorry that you have a fever and that you don't feel good. Maybe a good long nap and rest will help you get better. Mommy and Daddy will take good care of you. We're glad you enjoy your St. Nick gifts a little early. Yes, you would make a cute elf! Get better real fast and come to see us. We can't wait!
Grandma & Grandpa