Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's Ella Wearing?

Everyone knows I am the coolest-dressed kid around...but even I have some fashion "don't" days! Here is an eclectic collection of some of my hits and misses from the last few months. You decide which is a definite "DO" and which is a please "DON'T"!
To begin, here are a few of my "Sunny Day" looks (always gotta protect those peepers!):
(hmm...there is something missing here...)
And I only have one "Rainy Day" look, but luckily for me Uncle Joe & Auntie May bought me this great ensemble so that I would be prepared!
(shoes from Auntie Amy & Truffle)
The following are some of my "special occasion" looks:
One of the first things I learned about fashion from Mimi is the importance of the shoe.
I hope I have a pair like these for myself one day.
Bronze gladiator sandals were really big this year.This was my first flower girl dress...I am getting to be a flower girl again this coming Fall!
This is one of my favorite looks. Eclectic mix 'n match style is going to be in my future, I think!...And last but not least, here are some of my cold-weather looks:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ella,
How fun!!!! You sure have that photogenic flair! How cool! We miss you very much. Thank you for your phone call yesterday. Hugs, Grandma & Grandpa