Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Very Special Valentine's Day Treat

Auntie Amy came to visit for a long weekend over Valentine's Day and President's Day. This time, it was all play and NO work for the three of us (me, Mommy, and Amy--Daddy was off playing in the skate parks in and around Phoenix, AZ for the weekend).
Our first stop was the Sono Aquarium, where we got to see fishies and river otters and cow-nosed rays.
After a day looking at sea creatures, we went home to EAT some sea creatures!
After dinner, Amy and I relaxed on the couch with my new South African penguin.
This is the ferry boat that Amy and Mommy were supposed to take to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on Monday...but because so many people had the day off from work, the lines were too long and they wouldn't have been able to pick me up from Kiki's house on time! Hopefully next time they'll get to do the full tour.
One of the gifts Amy brought me was a t-shirt from her roller derby league. Now I'm a roller girl in training!
The name is already taken, but until I can figure out my own derby name (Ella the Exterminator?) it'll do just fine!
And just for fun, here's a shot of my latest snowman! This one actually looks a little more like Frosty, although he was a little tipsy and fell down by the next day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everyone loves a snow day!

The best part about today's day off is, Mommy and Daddy knew about it early last night, so we all did a happy celebratory dance before we went to bed, knowing we could "sleep in" today (I slept ALL the way until 7:20!). Nikki had to wear her dancing shoes.
The snow was perfect for packing into snowballs, and I made my very first snow-thing, all by myself!
Nikki takes her job as "watchdog" very seriously. She guarded the new member of our family to make sure nobody messed with it.
I hope we have another snow day tomorrow, but Mommy said don't get my hopes up.