Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everyone loves a snow day!

The best part about today's day off is, Mommy and Daddy knew about it early last night, so we all did a happy celebratory dance before we went to bed, knowing we could "sleep in" today (I slept ALL the way until 7:20!). Nikki had to wear her dancing shoes.
The snow was perfect for packing into snowballs, and I made my very first snow-thing, all by myself!
Nikki takes her job as "watchdog" very seriously. She guarded the new member of our family to make sure nobody messed with it.
I hope we have another snow day tomorrow, but Mommy said don't get my hopes up.

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Anonymous said...

Ella, you made a gorgeous snow angel and sculpture. We like your "snow-thing". Watch for a package in a few days. We love you! Grandpa & Grandma