Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Break Road Trip Recap

I am sure I am not the first to say that spending approximately 40 hours in a car in a week is more than enough, but let me just say it: no amount of Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Thomas the Train, or Charlotte's Web can make your butt not be sore when you get home! (You just might not notice it until then.)
The first leg of our trip was Fairfield to St. Louis. Google Maps said it would take 16.5 hours, but we knew it would take longer. It ended up taking a LOT longer, but mostly due to some interesting stops along the way. This was NOT one of them (who am I kidding, the general store was AWESOME even if Mom and Dad wouldn't buy me any candy).
Our route took us through the corner of W. Virginia, where we stopped at the Wheeling Skate Park. Unfortunately, there was just a skate playground for me, so Daddy couldn't get more than a few minutes of skating in (I was BORED from being in the car all day!)
Our last stop before arriving in St. Louis was for dinner. We weren't able to find Jeff's favorite bbq joint in Dayton, so we ate at Rudy's. Not bad for a chain bbq joint, but not all that good, either. The beans and rice were pretty yummy, though!
It's hard to read, but the sign says: Thank You for Visiting Ohio...So Much to Discover! (I am not sure what there is to discover, but it certainly can't be found on route 70, or 80, or any of the other routes we've been on through Ohio!)
The weather in St. Louis was a LOT warmer than we expected, but that was all right since it meant lots of time outside playing! My Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dave and new cousin Logan went to see the arch on Sunday. We spent some time in the museum but more time walking around outside in the park and by the river.
Monday was a lot less successful...bad news came in threes for us: first, the Soulard Farmer's Market was closed (fyi, it's only open Wednesdays through Saturdays), then, the bbq joint that had the pig jowl sandwich Daddy wanted was gone, and then the Magic House was closed (I admit, there were a few tears when Mommy, Daddy, and Auntie Lisa told me that there would be no princess park for me).
The next stop on my whirlwind Midwest tour was in Chicago, to meet my OTHER new cousin, Nathan! Ironically, here is a picture of me with my Aunt Susu and Logan (but he's Aunt Deedee's baby!)
The highlight of the week (aside from spending lots of time with all of my grandparents) was the Princess Party Mimi threw for me! Mommy was a little jealous, since it was her birthday and not mine (but we pretended it was mine anyway, and I got LOTS of presents!)
We all got to be princesses for a while, even Noni!After a bunch of Pez and some great cookies, I got a little silly, even for a princess. I had a great time in Chicago! Can't wait until the next visit.

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