Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nikki Steals the Spotlight

Today, I decided I would practice my ball-la-let for my mom. I got out my ball-la-let instructions, asked Mommy to put on the CD, and danced away the morning.
The problem was, Nikki kept trying to steal my spotlight.
Whatever...I don't need her help to be a star. When we went to see Yoshitomo Nara's exhibit at the Asia Society a couple of weeks ago, I was a hit.
 Strike a pose!


Pamela said...

Love this post! Dancing dog is almost as cute as Ella. Great posing, too. ;o)

Anonymous said...


You are a wonderful ballet dancer. I see great potential for either a dancer or a model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mimi and Poppi

Matt said...

We could not be more bored of this. Thanks for showing up in October, Ella. Let's see some new entries!
Love you!
D and Matt