Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where did you have breakfast this morning???

This morning I got up at 5.15.
I told Daddy that I wanted to have a rainbow bagel with cream cheese.
But I didn't want to eat in the car, please.
Not in a tree, not in a house and not with a mouse.

I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do like rainbow bagels, Sam-I-Am.
I eat them when I paddle, paddle real far.Paddle real far like we are paddling to a star.
Paddling to the picnic not in a boat, not in a car,
and not in moat.
I paddle out into the Sound.
To have a picnic and get bounced around.

A picnic on a board? What do you say?
A picnic with daddy out in a bay.
Out near the lighthouse, out near the fishes and birds.
We watch out for water monsters who act just absurd.

I eat my whole bagel, and a great orange juice box.
I float past the lighthouse and way past the docks.

I took a few pictures, one of the light... ...and one of the water monster that caused quite a fright!!

I had quite an adventure, as you see.
Out on the ocean, out on my sea!!!


Pamela said...

I seriously loved this post! Great shot of Daddy, Ella!

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to eat breakfast!!!!
Looks like you and Daddy had a great time!

Love you,
Mimi and Poppi