Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harvest and Halloween 2011

I love my little brother, but ever since he arrived, we just don't have much time to keep up our cyber-appearances! Guess that is what happens when you're too busy livin' it up. Since we have a 90-minute delay tomorrow due to the snow (in October!!!), my mom had a few minutes to post some of our expeditions in preparation for Halloween. First things first: we had to find some pumpkins for our "drive-in" movie night.

 Found one!
 And a little baby one.
 No trip to the farm is complete without apple cider donuts.
 Before the movie night, I finally got to break the pinata I got for my birthday (in June).
 (We had so much fun at movie night, our friend, Katharina Davis, was in charge of taking pictures (you can find them on Facebook). 
The weekend before Halloween, we went to the Irish Club with Jillian and Lillian for a Harvest Festival!

Tomorrow is finally the big day, and I can't wait to wear my real costume. Ben already ruined the surprise on his blog, but if you check back here in a bit, I'll have pictures from trick-or-treating tomorrow!

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